Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Pro-Life and wondering how anyone is not

I know that I am a very simple minded person, however, I don't see the hot issue of today as being as controversial as some claim that it is. The argument between those who promote life and those who promote death is really very, very odd.

From the highest educated person to the person who is "ignorant" of the most elementary teachings of things of this world, there should not be any one who can truly believe that killing an innocent human person is justified.

The exception to that are those who actually hate people, those who are emotionally unstable, or those who kill to defend their own life. Those people who hate others enough to murder someone who is not threatening their life can come to that state due to jealousy, revenge, or a variety of other reasons. I don't personally feel that there is any justifiable reason to kill another person, unless your life is in immediate threat of death. From my experience, limited as it may be due to me being simple minded, people and organizations that are truly pro-life do not just throw that term around, they and I are truly PRO-LIFE.

The recent killing of Dr. Tiller is a terrible and horrific act. I don't know how many innocent babies he killed in his life, however, no matter of that total lives he took, make his life any less important as a human being and should not have been snuffed out by the person who hated him and/or was emotionally unstable.

I have not encountered a single person or organization who claim to be pro-life, who has supported the killing of this one man who had himself harmed and killed so many.

There are, unfortunately, many, many people in this country that support the killing of innocent people who have harmed NO-ONE.

A really strange thing has happened this week. Those who openly support and work to allow and to actually kill the innocent people in our culture, are OUTRAGED that Dr. Tiller, one man, was murdered.

Those who say they are pro-life have proved, once again, that they are truly see every pro-life organization and person I know are also OUTRAGED that Dr. Tiller, one man, was murdered.

Those who are pro-life know the natural truth that life is valuable, no matter what the state of that life is in.
Those who support or promote the killing of innocent human beings somehow know and understand that truth, sometime, and completely forget it at other times.

So, I don't believe that those who support or promote the millions of innocent deaths are people haters, or have emotional illnesses, because, they too seem to understand that the killing of this ONE man was wrong. It is truly sad, that many of those same people three minutes after condemning this terrible and horrific action, can turn around and then support or promote and justify the killing of oh, so many of our brothers and sisters.

If one is outraged that this ONE man was murdered, then how can one not be completely and totally OUTRAGED beyond compare that ONE innocent person, who has harmed no-one is murdered....then multiply that by MILLIONS. How then can anyone support or promote the killing through the procedure labelled abortion.

The president of our country recently said this issue is controversial and complicated.....nothing is farther from the is actually quite simple, and very uncomplicated. There will be those who do their best to make this controversial, but it just really isn't so. Life is Life, Death is Death. Do you deserve to live / Do you deserve to die. No human being should have that CHOICE or power over others.

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