Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catholic and Orthodox churches reuniting

Catholic and Orthodox leaders, many, many, many, years ago, agreed that in the year 2025 they would come together.

2025 will mark 1700 years since the split of the Catholic Church and the creation of the Orthodox Church.  

1700 years, that is a long time.  I hope I am alive in 2025 to see the reunification of the church.

I also hope, that it does not take that long for the human race to realize that no matter what the color of our skin, we are all human beings.  When I took a couple walks today, I didn't think of myself as a white person or European an Indian or any of the other nationalities that make up my being.  If I did not look down at my hands, I would not have realized that I had white skin.  I did not know, as I walked along, looking through my eyes, that I had Indian blood, German blood, Scottish blood, English blood, or Irish blood within me.  

My wish for mankind throughout the world is this:

To see yourself and all others as a human being.  God most certainly sees us all as brothers and sisters. We are all in this thing called life… Together.

A lot of the time, it starts with how we see our own self.  We must all act with responsibility and as if we deserved to be one of God's children.

That is my wish!

Minimum wage

I don't weigh in on many political and social issues. When I do, I am usually correct in what I say. There has been a lot of talk recently about increasing the minimum wage. Several states and several communities have already passed legislation to increase minimum-wage. The minimum wage that has been targeted seems to be in the neighborhood of $15. There have been points of contention on both sides of the argument. Raising minimum-wage, or keeping the minimum wage consistent to where it is. I certainly don't blame anyone for wanting to make more money. I would like to make more money than I do!  Increasing the minimum-wage so far out of line, in my opinion is a bad idea.

I have not heard this particular argument anywhere.  

I think if you raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, which is so much higher than where it currently is, you will cause the following problem.

Minimum wage has been set and is normally targeted for the people who are just starting in the workforce or who have little or no experience.  I think if you raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, the employers will then hire more qualified individuals than they currently do.    If the employers are forced to pay so much higher than they currently do, why would they not seek to hire more qualified individuals?  I think they will.  This, instead of helping those who need the money in those jobs, will actually hurt them.  When the employers begin to hire the more qualified individuals for the higher-priced minimum-wage jobs, employees that are currently making minimum-wage, that are new in the workforce, or have little experience, will simply be out of a job.  

I wish everyone made enough money to easily support themselves and their family without worry.