Wednesday, September 05, 2012

President Clinton's convention speech

Tonight's speech by President Clinton at the Democratic convention was one of the best speeches that I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Following his speech, one of the news commentators on a local channel also stated that it was amazing...and that President Clinton made a far better argument for president Obama than anyone in Pres. Obama's administration has ever or could ever do, especially Pres. Obama himself. Pres. Obama of course could not make those arguments, because he simply does not hold those beliefs.

I do not doubt for a second that President Clinton truly feels in his heart the loyalty, dedication, patriotism and everything else that he talked about in his speech. The thing that Struck me over and over was that this was President Clinton speaking about his beliefs not about Pres. Obama's beliefs. About where President Clinton wants this country to be, not where Pres. Obama wants this country to be. And of course at the beginning of the speech and at the end of the speech it came back down to one important point ... if you want a country where people share in the wealth then you must vote for president Obama. Even with all of the great things that President Clinton said, that is the key. If you truly do want a president to lead us into a country of socialism and shared wealth then of course Pres. Obama is the right choice. I do not disagree with that.

Pres. Obama may very well be elected for another four-year term. But just as I have stated before in my book, this is the master plan of some of the higher ups in the Democratic Party. Obviously President Clinton is one of those people who knows that in order to have a country that he envisions, then more and more and more Americans must become disgruntled about the socialism and the way that Pres. Obama has been leading the country. I thought it would be after four years, however, it very well may take the full eight-year term for Americans to get to that point. When enough Americans get to that point we will bring this country back to where it should be just like President Clinton stated ... except for the sharing the wealth in the socialism piece which I know he truly does not believe in his heart.

If President Clinton was running for president ... wow, I would probably vote for him again. But ... he is not the one running for president ... it's not his ideas we're voting for... it is Pres. Obama's ideas and his plan for the country that we would be voting for.