About the Two Cj's

Sajman (Scott): The Father of the Two Cj's duo.  Many have asked how we came up with the name "Two Cj's".  I was given the nickname of CJ while playing High School Baseball.  It has kinda stuck with me all this time!  Kidwonder (Christopher) is my son.  He is the other "C" in "Two Cj's"!

I am a single dad.  I positively, absolutely love my son.  I am so grateful to God that he is in my life. What a true blessing he has been.  I always told myself that If I was privileged enough to have children, that I was going to be the best dad possible.  I have taken the great qualities from my wonderful parents, and have hopefully built upon those to enable me to be a loving, caring, quality father to my son.  I promised my son when he was born, that I would not let a career or other outside factors interfere with being a great dad to him.  I think about that and work at that each and every day.  I have had important people in my life tell me how much they appreciate what I have done and continue to do for my son! I know there is so much more I can do!  I hope that I continue to learn so I can continue to teach!

I have loved role playing with my son during his first 16 years.  I hope that has helped build a great sense of confidence and worth in him.  We carry that over today, by creating and publishing YouTube videos about things we love doing together.  I have great confidence in my son, as most dads certainly do, that he can be a great success in life and achieve whatever he sets his mind on.

Kidwonder (Christopher): The Son of the Two Cj's duo.  I love spending time with my dad.  I enjoy playing Forza on XBox One, DragonVale, Minecraft, 3dTuning, & RealRacing2HD among others and collecting Pokemon Cards and playing Pokemon Go.  I have two Game Center accounts:  Kidwonder0820 & Kidwonder2002.  You can also connect with me on Twitter @Twocjsvids or Instagram at Kidwonder20. We love making videos of these gameplays and just us having fun.  I am in high school and play the trumpet for our band.  My dad is from St. Louis so he is a big Cardinals and Blues fan.  I also like those teams, but I have to admit my favorite teams are the Giants and Sharks!  Although my mom & dad are not together, I am certainly a blessed and lucky kid to have such loving parents, grandparents and cousins!