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Barack Obama - An American Hero!

Barack Obama - An American Hero! (originally posted in August, 2009) (the American Revolution that was planned and put in place with Obama's election four years ago is now ripe for the final take back of our great country! ***what was revealed about the conspiracy to use Barack Obama to inspire the good people of this country to take it back has nearly come to fruition. Election day, next Tuesday will complete this very important bloodless American Revolution-2! It's time to vote to take back this land!) See original post below Barack Obama ran his presidential campaign based nearly entirely on one word and one idea.....CHANGE. The specific CHANGE was never divulged during the campaign, and for a very good reason....If you want to know, then just keep reading! As a starting point of where our country, the United States of America, was in January 2009, if real, radical, major change was going to occur in our land of the free and home of the brave, as Obama had promised, it would have to go in one of two directions. The CHANGE would either be a radical move to a socialistic, government controlled country, or a radical move back to the way our founding fathers set up our great land. Freedom, democracy, faith, and morals. There was not any other CHANGE that was big enough to be worth it. There has been a small, but growing segment of our American culture who has desired a move to a socialistic, individualistic, and Godless nation. Any nation that has chosen or been forced onto that path has been destroyed or dismantled or is on it's way there. The United States of America just simply can't and won't go there. There is one big problem. The people that could possibly stem off such a movement are typically passive, loving, respectful citizens and in no way could muster up enough joint effort to stop what has been occurring the last 35 years. Rampant disrespect for life, unless it is between the ages of 10 and 68, and is completely healthy; the systematic tearing down of families by divorce and absent fathers; blaming of good and God for the bad and Evil that is occurring; the media and other professional fields disrespecting their codes of conduct; changing God's and the Natural law to what that person wants; and on and on. You see, the quiet, conservative individual simply can not stand up against this type of movement. There was only ONE WAY. A True American Revolution 2. An American Revolution that would again ground this nation on God, Family, Goodness, and Patriotism. This American Revolution would not use guns or have bloodshed throughout our wonderful country. You must believe me when I tell you what has happened and what is going to happen. You see, I informed everyone of what was going to happen this year, back in October of 2008. I was nearly 100% accurate. Obama would be elected, and during his first year in office, the country would rise up to begin the Second American Revolution. A civil war, without guns, to take back this Country and bring it back to it's foundation of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (however, not at the expense of your fellow citizen). You see, this is starting to happen all across the United States. It started with Tea Parties, and has moved into passion filled Town Hall Meetings. The great country my grandfather, my father and I experienced as a very young boy would be re-born so my son, his son and grandson would be able to enjoy the same, safe, family and faith oriented nation. Several years ago, a plan (you can call it a conspiracy if you like) was put in motion. It was a big plan, and it was kept very quiet. It was very well orchestrated by very influential people in this world. You have all heard of Obama being called the messiah. The real messiah was absolutely and positively planned for by God for many, many, many years. His coming was foretold by the great prophets during the world's history. God knew all from the beginning, and of course knows how things will transpire and ultimately end. Now, I am not saying that Obama is the messiah, or anything or anyone even remotely close, however, the plan of his coming and his influence on the country and world was most absolutely planned. Perhaps not by God, but you just never know. Barack Obama was groomed, guided and taught how to be a charismatic leader. He was going to need these characteristics later in his life to fulfill his true mission. He was purposefully placed by those who were operating this master plan near radical figures such as Reverend Wright, and others who spoke and taught against this great country. He was brought to Chicago, the political corrupt capital of the nation. He worked with organizations such as Acorn. He actively supported the killing of innocent human beings before they could have a meaningful and fulfilling life. He was put into the liberal thinking and acting Democratic Political party of the United States of America. This was not the real Barack Obama. The organizers of the movement that is now in motion, groomed Barack Obama for American Revolution 2. I have already told you that the conservative, loving, caring, respectful citizens are not capable of standing up and organizing enough force to change the direction this country took 35 years ago. If this country was allowed to continue to go down that very slippery slope, it would be destroyed. Freedom to experience life, liberty, happiness, religion, family, independence, democracy, would soon, and very soon be gone! Barack Obama and team have also known this for a long time, and put this plan together to STOP it. There was only one way. THE PLAN.....Those very smart individuals who put the plan together and have been working so quietly and secretly to pull it off, have nearly reached the pinnacle. Many of them are getting older, a couple have already passed from this life. 2009 - 2012 were to be the target years for the plan's final implementation. Barack Obama needed to be a minority, and a Black American was absolutely what the organizers had in mind from the beginning. There needed to be several smokescreens put in place for the plan to be carried out. I feel safe divulging this information only now, because the plan is so far in motion, it can not be stopped, even when you find out the real truth. Barack Obama needed to be a Black American, he needed to be heavily involved with radicals, liberals, country haters, to the extent that he could win their favor, true loyalty and blind faith. It worked.....It worked. What has President Obama done his first seven months in office? Well everything he has done has been big. Bailouts, takeovers, Cap & Trade, Healthcare reform, etc. Everything he has done and will do in the immediate future has already been planned out. So far the plan is working well. Everything Obama has done, or is trying to do is causing the conservative, peaceful, loving, caring and quiet citizens to wake up and stand up. He and the organizers of this master plan intended it to be that way. You see, America simply can not and will not continue to go down that slippery and deadly slope of socialism, godlessness, hatefulness, death and dismemberment of our lives, families, culture and country. The organizers and Obama have known this for a long time, and know that by speaking about and conducting such a far fetched agenda such as a man made mortgage crisis, that lead to a banking crisis, that lead to an overall economic crisis, that lead to government bailouts, government takeover of corporations and media, and even a government takeover of healthcare would cause such a public outcry, that CHANGE would absolutely happen. This again has all been well planned and orchestrated. So much, that nearly all people simply can not believe it could and is happening. Everything Obama does, must be big, and must create such a negative feeling among the majority of our country as to start a movement that can not be stopped. A movement to give the country that my grandfather and father had, back to my son's son and grandson. A country that has faith in God, that cherishes life, that sets the bar for excellence in every thing, that focusses on families, that listens to and is representative of it's people. A country where my son' son and grandson can play freely in their neighborhoods, a country where people work hard, play hard and pray hard. I was heavily warned not to tell anyone about this "master plan" of the takeover of our Country, by a couple guys who visited me last December. I just feel it is my duty to set the record straight. I can not tell you the names of those who worked so closely with Obama during the last 35 years on this "project". That is not really important. What is important is for all of us to realize that CHANGE is coming. A CHANGE back to our strong Values, Morals, and prominent place in the world. Everything will work out just as planned, remember, it can not be stopped, even now, even when you know the TRUE STORY of American Revolution 2 & Barack Obama - The American Hero. American Revolution 2 - Change. A book that may be coming to stores near you that will follow a group of young kids and their discovery 30 years from now about how our great country was taken back! Posted by scott at 9:27 PM No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Labels: Barack, Change, Obama, Revolution, socialism