Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean keeps Miss California Title

I am happy that Donald Trump decided to let Carrie Prejean keep her crown as Miss California. Just like it took courage for Carrie to stand up for her beliefs when she was asked if she supported marriage between gay individuals, it also took courage for the Donald to not take the easy road and strip her of the crown. People in the gay community or supporters of this lifestyle choice have been asking for understanding, and tolerance for many years. Many people certainly did not practice this by the outrage and hatred thrown at Carrie after her opinion and belief did not please them.

I am certainly not a scientist, however, I do not believe that any person is given any sexual orientation, straight, gay, multi..or anything in between, on the fringe, or way out there. We are taught by our relatives and our culture who and what we should love. Even if God implanted something in our soul and being to tell us how we should love and live with, I believe it is ultimately our choice.....I know God did give us free will.....even when it comes to this type of choice. Do we choose to love a person of the opposite sex, do we choose to love a person of the same sex, do we choose to love multiple persons, do we choose to simply love ourself, do we choose to love a person our same age, do we choose to love a person older, do we choose to love a person younger, do we choose to love a non person (animate or not). We DO MAKE this choice, just as we are able to and do make many, many other choices in life. Our choice of sexual or love partner(s) is also just that.....our choice. Some of those choices are what God would intend us to make, some are not. We should all pray that we make the choices that God would have us make, after all he is our maker, and we were created for him. We should also be willing and ready to face the consequences if we make the choices that go against God's preferred plan for us.....He does not force us to make the right decisions.

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