Thursday, September 10, 2009

If I wanted to Create a Government Run Health System...

(originally posted in early 2009)

A few days ago, I was visited by a couple guys who pulled up in front of my house. It was funny, because I had just told my brother that I had not yet been approached or contacted by anyone after I wrote about Barack Obama being the American Hero.

These guys had dark suits, dark glasses, and tinted glass on their dark vehicle. It was scary. I knew they weren't from the church down the street looking for more members. They came right up to my door.

After talking to me about my unveiling the secret plan that was put in place to take back the country, they said there was one thing that could save my skin. WOW! I didn't know what was coming next.

They wanted me to come up with a plan that would create a Government Run and Operated Health Care System. I had until midnight tonight, before the calendar hits 09-11-09, to send them my plan.

Here it is........

If I was put in charge of putting together a Government run and operated Health Care System, I would do the following:

1. Force existing insurance companies to lower their rates by at least 25%

2. Incent employers to drop their participation in group insurance by charging the employer a tax/penalty that is less than what they currently pay for their employees' insurance.

3. Make it illegal for an insurance company to raise rates or limit coverage on high risk patients or abusers of the system.

That's about it!

What would my plan do......

By charging employers a tax/penalty for not providing insurance coverage for their employees, a fee that is less than the cost to the employers for providing the coverage, I will effectively cause millions and millions of Americans to lose their existing insurance coverage. They will not be able to afford insurance on their own, so they will have no choice, but to sign on to my new Government Insurance System.

By forcing existing insurance companies to drop their rates substantially, or pay hefty penalties I will "squeeze" their profit margins to a point they will shut their doors. It has happened before...If an insurance company can not make enough money they will close, unless, of course the Federal Government bails them out. If they received a bailout, it would harm my plan.

If insurance companies begin to shut down, it will lessen the competition, and likely lessen the quality and service received.

And if I force insurance companies to cover everybody, regardless of their risk, or abuse of the system or their own body, I will make it FAR TOO expensive for the insurance companies to maintain cash flow. They will no longer be able to pay the doctors and hospitals. If they had not yet closed their doors after mandatory rate reductions, they certainly MUST close their doors if they could no longer pay their obligations.

Within a few short years, virtually all, and possibly all insurance companies would be out of business.....leaving only my Government Operated Insurance and Health Care System standing.

I would have created a monopoly, I would have no competition, I could dictate exactly how I wanted to operate insurance and healthcare.

There is a big problem with my plan, I admit, but I have a secret plan to solve it.

My Government Operated Insurance and Health Care System could not be sustained very long after it gained it's monopoly, if they too were forced to cover everybody and every condition, and they were forced to keep rates affordable.

The only way they would make it, would be to allow them, after their monopoly was gained, to ration coverage, delay coverage or to counsel and incent the very sick or elderly to opt for either pain and suffering or ending the pain and suffering through non-medical means.

You may think I would be crazy to propose such a plan......but if i wanted to socialize health care, this would be a GREAT plan.

Pretty ingenious if you ask me!!!! Can I count on you to support me? Together we can make real CHANGE!

Please don't tell anybody our secret. We must really work hard to make everybody feel we are creating a system that would take care of them no matter what. We are going to have to lie to them if they ask us certain tough questions, because we can not tell the truth if it will negatively affect our plan.

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