Monday, July 20, 2009

History - 40 years ago - and more!

40 years ago today, the United States accomplished one of the greatest historical events in the previous 2,000 years! 40 years before that in 1929 there was more history being created.

There was a community activist rising in the ranks in the country in Europe. He was able to continue to gain status within his party and then get elected as the leader of Germany in 1933. In the middle of the great depression, Adolph Hitler took the reigns of the most advanced country at the time in technology, museums, art, laboratories, universities, etc. Actually the US got a few of the Germans to help lead us to the moon!

The saviour of the 1930's was a smooth talking community based activist. Most Germans knew virtually nothing about him, however, there were many who brought to light of his involvement with groups that shouted, shoved and pushed people around that they disagreed with.

He got his political position by being a great speaker, smiling a lot and by making many, many promises to the German people and the world, in the depression when unemployment was high and growing. Slowly, and with a plan, he seized control of government power, he got kids to join a youth movement in his "good" name where they were taught what to think and to rebel against their parents. He promised jobs to the jobless, money to the moneyless, he pushed for gun control, health care for all, better wages and better jobs, and he promised over and over to bring the pride back to Germans and Germany. He did this with the media basically supporting him without question.

There were many people who let their feelings be heard. They were dismissed and laughed at. Then later killed if they brought these ideas to light.

In less than six (6) years this country's leadership was rounding up their own citizens, killing millions, and turning neighbor against neighbor.

He promised Change. The people wanted Change, The People and the World definitely got Change.

Many have said that the world learned and would never let the history of this era repeat itself.

It scares many to see how close the happenings of the world and the United States today, so closely is following the historical events of Hitler's Germany of the 1930's.

Perhaps enough will be scared enough to stand up to really Change our Country. To bring back the great ideals that our Country was founded, and to make the thousands and thousands of lives that have been sacrificed for those ideals count. To bring families back together, to bring moral law back as the guide to man's law. Citizens of the 1930 Germany did not stand up to save their country, now they are scarred for all of eternity for the atrocities that occured under their very cool, and people oriented leader.

I trust that people will stand up, so the country my child grows up in will be one in which he can freely move around in safety the way his grandparents did!

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